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C.O.B.B. General Info

What is C.O.B.B. Society?

C.O.B.B. is an elite Society of Crippled Old Biker Bastards and Bitches who have overcome the fear of riding after a crash, and we all know that Crashing Sucks!  The difference is, we are persistent, positive thinking people, who continue to ride after a road casualty.  We have overcome the fear of falling through our desire to ride, and that is a huge Success!  This is our common bond for Cobberodity. Our society is strictly about fun and the good ole days.  It was created so Cobbers alike could communicate and gather all over the world of their own free will and with no commitment.  We are a casual society that opposes all controversy and are strictly social for our passion of riding.  We would like to hear your stories and perils of the road and make them available to share with Cobbers all over the world.  Ride Till You Rot!

Our Society's GOLDEN RULE

Respect is the name of the game, give it and you will receive it. Remember, we are NOT a motorcycle club or riding club, we're a society.  Better known as a Social Club. We do not subscribe to anything but our own stupidity. Individual people may have individual "associations" with other entities. Those are strictly personal and have absolutely nothing to do with our C.O.B.B. Society.  COBBers are friends to all riders, no matter their affiliation, race, color or creed.  C.O.B.B.  Society remains neutral and has no affiliations with any other organization. We are the guys that have overcome our fear, ruffed off our ego's, and after brushing ourselves off and are still on the hog after all these years. AGE + EXPERIENCE  + RIDING = C.O.B.B.  That's all there is to it, and that's what we are all about! Please keep this in mind at all times.  We've been around the block a few times to say the least. Which has given us the experience to know we have nothing to prove and respect what everyone around us is doing. And riding is what has brought on all of this wonderful Cobbrodity! So let's keep it that way!  This is not a suggestion. Party in Peace!

National Membership Agreement

Membership in C.O.B.B. Society shall be $30.00 per year. Initial membership shall be for the remainder of the month in which you enroll, plus 12 calendar months.

Membership entitles you to the following:

1. Full access to all sub pages on C.O.B.B. Society website.

2. Access and full usage of C.O.B.B. Society forum.

3. A cobbsociety.com e-mail address.

4. Your own personal home page to be updated at your discretion at    cobbsociety.com

5. Bi-yearly newsletter welcoming new members and posting events.

6. Special promotions and discounts for C.O.B.B. Society events, when events   are held by C.O.B.B. Society.

7. Complimentary yearly package including COBB member merchandise to be  determined by C.O.B.B. Society yearly.

C.O.B.B. Society LLC shall have the absolute and unrestricted worldwide right to copyright, use, reproduce, alter, distort, change, display, affix, comment on, print and publish any submissions from any members including bio information in whole or in part, on one or more occasions, in any communications medium and/or for any commercial purpose, including, but not limited to, the sale of, publication or display in, on in connection with or by, magazines, catalogs, trading cards, calendars, posters, advertising, promotional material, products, clothing, merchandise, films, videotapes and computer and electronic displays, programs and transmissions.

By submitting the submissions, you represent and warrant to C.O.B.B. Society LLC that the submissions are your sole and exclusive property and that you have the unrestricted right to transfer all rights, titles and interests therein, that said submissions have not been previously published and that the publication or commercial use of all or any of the submissions by C.O.B.B. Society LLC or others acting with its permission or authority will not infringe any copyright.

These terms and conditions have been made in the mutual interest and protection of both you and C.O.B.B. Society.

By enrolling as a member in C.O.B.B. Society you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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National Membership Requirements

1. You must be a fallen Bastard or Bitch.  There are no restrictions as to type,    severity of injuries, or number of accidents.  As long as the incident involved a motorcycle.                                         

2.  You must currently own a motorcycle or own one along with a significant other.  Exception: previous riders handicapped by a riding incident, or war.  All types of motorcycles are welcome, we don’t care what you ride, as long as you’re in the wind!

 3.  C.O.B.B. does NOT discriminate according to Race, Sex or Creed.

 4.  You must hold National Member status in order to start and/or participate as a member of any local chapter of C.O.B.B. Society.  C.O.B.B. Society is a licensed registered trademark and sole rights to the name and image is property of C.O.B.B. Society LLC.  Sign up NOW!

Our Theme and Image

FACT: For several years, membership in all facets of motorcycling communities is on the decline. In this time of change, there is a real need and attraction for something new and different.

FACT: We are not a Motorcycle Club, nor do we have intentions of becoming one. We are merely a Society of imperfect people who due to the fault of ourselves, or others, are bound together by the fact that we have “to one degree or another,” had an imperfect riding incident on a motorcycle.  There is no way one could or want, by my way of thinking, probate for such a society.

                          —Excerpt taken from Chapter One Theme and Image Statement


C.O.B.B. Society Chapters

W e have received requests from all over the world for C.O.B.B. Society Chapters.  Please understand the National Organization, along with Chapter One of Kissimmee, FL, are laying the road map right now.  When you observe Chapter 1’s short past, it’ s clear that they’ ll have a long future. It’s taken an incredible amount of effort and organization on their part. (Ask Newt, president of Chapter One, the last time he’s had a day off and he’s retired).  If you are interested in starting a Chapter, get to know other Cobbers in your area and spread the word of C.O.B.B. Ride together in the name of C.O.B.B and once you've recruited 50+ members in your area, then you’ ll be in position of becoming official.  If you’re serious about starting some Cobberodity in your area, check out Chapter One. Until there are enough members and participation in your area, follow some of the guidelines for setting up a COBBUNITY. Check out UK C.O.B.B.  and Berkshire Riders C.O.B.B.  They are both prime examples of Cobberodity, and are well on their way to becoming official.

Starting a COBBUNITY

C.O.B.B. members, these are suggestions to get you on your way to starting a Chapter!  Search Members by State  online as a way to find other Cobbers in your area and get started!

1. Take the time to get together, life's short.

2. Spread the word! Riding after a crash is a success!

3. Meet a certain amount of times a month.

4. Form fundraisers and parties we would be happy to spread the word for you.

5. Create low dollar food fun, and lies to get together. Corn boils, crawfish, potatoes ...

6. Create your own meeting spot.

7. Pass time with story telling and bobbing for French fries.



1. Chop and section crappers for racing. Wheelie wheelchairs, bed races, and walker build offs. (Walker build offs you must start from scratch. Have a walker, pile of bike parts, duct tape, string, bubblegum, and zip ties are always required.

2. Go to swap meets. Promote and sell COBBrodery by retailing COBB products.

3. Get girls to dress in corn stalks. Corn her the COBB queen, and then have her shuck herself in front of you. (Contact your local escort service or strip club to find a queen who is willing to shuck herself just for fun).

4. Make COBB information available in your local town and throughout your state.

Hope this helps! Any other suggestions or questions on your mind
should be forwarded to the

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